Monday, May 23, 2011

First Day of Preschool!

Today was my first day of summer-homeschooling Isabelle. It was only for 1 1/2 hr., normally it'll be about 2 hours until she gets older and then it'll be longer days. When she got here she was a little confused since I think she was expecting that we would practice more..... traditional public school things. I told her we'll work on her letters later on (she's so ready to learn them) but today we would be out in the garden. We planted Violas, she got to choose where some of them went, and then she picked a whole bunch of Dandelions. I made them into a little crown for her, as you will see. She was quite pleased with it. :-) Then I got out our large magnifying glass and we looked at flowers, trees, and ants with it. Quote from Isabelle: "I love bugs!". That part of the day didn't turn out quite as I had imagined it because Jamie dropped her off, and never really left. Then Kelli brought Morgan over so thus ended the schooling part. They left a half hour early. She comes back on Wednesday and we'll be going to the library.

It was a beautiful day out, we were expecting the usual 55 cloudy, and instead it got humid, sunny for a bit, and 75. :D
New schedule is working out well, love getting everything done so much sooner. I feel so productive!
Got all my plants for the year, it's horridly expensive. Also, my quilt came back from the quilter. She did a wonderful, lovely job and it looks great. I should be going over to my Grandma's tomorrow and she's going to help me put on the binding.
What busy days these are.

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