Monday, May 9, 2011

A Very Good, Busy Day


I had a great day today. This morning I did a load of laundry, vacuumed, swept the entire house, did the bathroom/bedroom/downstairs general pickup, got some lunch, and did a little sewing. I also called a lady who does quilting and she will hopefully quilt my quilt. :-) Left a message and haven't heard back, but she does all my grandma's so I don't see why she wouldn't do mine.
My Mom left for D----- around 1:00 and I made some more banana bread. Turned out wonderful, as usual. (I'm sorry, does that sound like I'm bragging? It's just so easy to make I don't think it could be messed up.) Took the dog for a walk out in the rain, we both came back soaking wet. Then I called my sister back and dropped off a piece of B. bread and picked up a lemon load pan. Came back and started on the lemon loaf. I think (hope) it turned out. I followed all the directions so it ought to. Then I started on dinner, and was quite tired at this point. We're having BBQ'd chicken and baked potatoes. Easy and delicious. So, I made a horrid mess of the kitchen, but had a lot of fun. Oh, and I delt with 25 pounds of sugar.

Only 2 more pages left until I'm done with journal #7! teehee. It's become more of an impulse now.

Also, I have decided that I won't be going online in the mornings. It makes me a tired, lethargic, and I'm not even really creative enough to write an interesting post so what's the point? Plus then I'll have extra time to do chores and stuff. I'll be putting a new schedule into place soon, hopefully I'll be homeschooling Isabelle come fall and need to re-arrange my current schedule. It'll be interesting.

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