Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some pictures taken today

All righty. I don't really have enough time to do a full, long post, but I wanted to put up some pictures I took of my nieces today. It was gorgeous out there. They behaved most of the time, except at the very end when I got too tired to push both of them in the double stroller and had Isabelle get out. Being 4 she likes to pout over random stuff, this time it was just AWFUL that I helped her out of the stroller insead of her doing it by herself. Perish the thought! (do you detect a little sarcasm there?) So she was lagging behind with her lip hanging out, then Morgan saw her and wanted out too. By this time Isabelle decided to stop being cranky and wanted to help me push the stroller. Morgan wanted to as well. When she wasn't able to do so, she sat down on the sidewalk in disapointment. (during this time there are some older folks sitting on their porch watching us) I said "Morgan, come on let's keep moving". The kid didn't even look up. So I went over, picked her up, which she didn't want and was therefore in the "football hold", and helped Isabelle with the stroller with my freehand. Needless to say after we crossed the street they went back in the stroller. Anyhoo, here are some pictures:

Picture #1 ~ Isabelle with dandelions.

Picture #2 ~ Isabelle down by A. Bay, with an ore boat coming in. Very Minnesotan!

Picture #3 ~ Morgan with a rock that is about to be thrown in the water.

One more thing, you know that robin picture? Well, a few days ago one hatched! I saw mid-morning and decided that I would take more pictures the next day since I didn't want to disturb them too much. By then it was too late, some critter (we're thinking cat) had gotten in there and ate the chicks and every bit of eggshell. Seriously, there isn't even the smallest bit leftover. GRRR....

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