Monday, May 16, 2011

First Day

Greetings to all!
Today is my first day of the new schedule. I ended up staying up later than I wanted thinking about money matters (I have a list of things to purchase, everything from 2 Christmas gifts to a subscription to a magazine to plants) and it all costs around $150.00. But, as my Mom pointed out, Kelli owes me some babysitting money, I'll probably work a few days at the shop this summer, plus hopefully my booth will have some good sales. Anyways, back to the schedule. Because I stayed up until later I didn't wake until about 1/2 hour after I intended. But, I'm did stuff quickly this morning and am back on track. So, if I may brag, I've washed/put away dishes, dusted (oh, so hard don't ya know!!), cleaned my room and bathroom, did my first math lesson of the summer (got 3 wrong), and made bread. Currently I'm waiting for lunch to be done and decided to do my computer stuff since I hadn't earlier. In general, I'm pretty doggone happy with the way the day is going.
Mom's not feeling too good today; she has something similar to Trigeminal Neuralgia, which means that she has horrid facial pains. Seriously, you can't imagine what she's been through with that. Her meds work most of the time, but the pains goes up and down and it's currently on a down. But, she was able to go visit with a friend, which is what she's doing now.
Yesterday was the Lia Sophia jewelry party. There were 4 or 5 other ladies besides us and the hostess and rep., who is my sister. There was really good food. :-)
Other random news: I've started really liking a singer named Britt Nicole. If you follow christian music, you've probably heard of her. SUSIE magazine interviewed her a few issues back and she's pretty neat.
Have a lovely day!

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