Friday, April 8, 2011

A Very Good Day

Today was a great day. :-) Got up early this morning and headed over to the R's house to watch the girls. Jamie got a job & has to have a backround check and Kelli was working so they needed a babysitter. Isabelle was up when I got there so I got her dressed. Once I finished Morgan was up so I got her a new diaper (although she is mostly potty trained). Then we got her dressed, hair brushed and shoes on and headed out to the park. The girls were quite happy to be there and explored the woody area. We saw 3 deer and Isabelle was creeping towards them stepping on many loud twigs going "Shh!!". They both enjoyed swinging and Isabelle sang the whole time. Morgan would sing/chant occasionally. After a while we headed by to my house and got some lunch. They chalked on our little chalkboard, bickering minimal. We all did the dishes, and now I rather wish I had set up a camera to show us all standing close together in a line. Isabelle was on the left rinsing, I was in the middle washing, and Morgan was playing with the bubbles and washing the sink area. Such precious girls.
Jamie got back around then and we hung out until Kelli got done with work and then they all went home.
Went for a walk, it's beautiful out again!
Did my downtown running, this time I drove. Although I'm 18, have a permit, can drive a stick, can drive forward, I still pretty much stink. I did fine with the highway driving and with the in town, but them Mom decided that I should practice other things... like backing into our driveway. Truly, we were in hysterics by the time I finished. And nobody who could drive would park the blazer as I did. Also, I seem to always want to drive on the left side of the road.... not good.

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