Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Minnesotan Weather

Hello out there! Hope your weather is better than ours cause we had SNOW earlier. Not just little flakes either, big, white, fluffy, decrease visibility snow. It's stopped now, thank goodness. I've been griping to Mom and Dad about it, but my dear father doesn't mind the snow. ??? It's late April and just insulting. He's right of course, it won't last long and will green things up, but still!

We had a good Easter. Mom and I went to church (the Vineyard) at the exact wrong time. Everyone from the last service was leaving, and people were arriving for the next one. They actually had a couple guys out directing traffic so it wouldn't get too mucked up. But, the music was good, sermon was interesting and at the end a couple people came to Christ which was pretty neat. Had dinner at my Granparent's house. There was only 15 of us this time & we ate cheesy potatoes, ham (of course!), jello (not a dessert), cole slaw and wood tick salad.

Mom and I will be going south tomorrow to do some running. I want to get my pictures developed, get some more hotpads stuff and we'll be visiting the aquarium. The library gives out free tickets to various things around here and Mom got 2 for us.

I've been going through a dry spell in writing. All of my penpals wrote me back a while ago so I wrote to all of them, plus my personal journal, this blog, emailing a friend, and a small journal for other purposes. Whew. A story gets old after telling it 7 times. Speaking of stories....

We had my two nieces over yesterday for a short. I was taking pictures of them and they were both saying "cheese" as kids do. Then, Isabelle started saying "cheese-ah". I said "Cheese-ah! What does that mean?" She responded: "It's French". So cute.

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