Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Contentment is Happiness

There is a feeling of contentment in our house at the moment. Mom made a soup that is currently simmering on the stove, it's wonderful oniony smell permeating throughout the house. Dad just got home from the shop and they are chatting downstairs. Obviously, I'm on the computer (it's that time of day). I've been working on those hotpads for the shop and they are coming along. It's a fairly nice day out, 45 with a bit of a wind off the lake. Quiet day around here, but I got everything done that I wanted to. :-)

This Friday I need to get a package sent out to my penpal, Esther. We've been corresponding for about 2 years now and like to send a package to each other about once a year. I recieved hers a few weeks ago and have her letter all written out, just need to get the stuff to put in it...

Well, gee. I guess that's all for now.

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