Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Case of Mis-Heard Lyrics

This is (as you saw from the title) a case of mis-heard lyrics. This song is from "All Star United" called Superstar. It's actually a good song with a nice beat to it ~ great cleaning music!

This ball the disco,we get a little misty remembering Menuto and all those old pros. They say rollers and pinky tusks it must be of meaning~ call us like cattle with gum stampeading to new romantics. Everybody wants love titanic and tiger be Jesus
You! It's true we were born to worship someone it's true. Aye!
You! You are my Superstar and they know who you are. You're never fading. Yeah, You! You are the only one my Far* because You are You're never changing.
Jackson's offence: we got that jet-a to comp that cause and have a poison/ All have a mighty night and have fun.
No, you never had infection and you never made the cover of a rat like Hit Parade. I could have never known enough. When I tasted the friend and I tested only one. And I might to anything but have you shot.
You are my Superstar!

* Far = Father in Swedish

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