Sunday, March 27, 2011

We can now say "the F word" in our house!

Yes, you read that right. This nice girl is going to start saying the F word with enthusiasm. F stands for Fence. (probably not what you were thinking, right?) We've wanted one for about 10 years now and we finally will be getting one. :-) It will be about 6 feet tall and encompass the entire back yard. My uncles and grandpa will be building it, and we know they'll be doing a good job since their motto is "perfect is good enough". It's going to be madness this spring since living up north we have to dig far-ish into the ground and pour concrete in with the fence post because of the frost. Plus, I also have a larger raised bed that's going to have to be moved since it's sitting on the property line. As are my rosebushes and peonys. The roses aren't going to be that bad to move since they're rugosas and can't be killed. It'll be a pain to deal with one of them though since it's about 7 feet tall. Mom's also thinking of having our monster of a deck taken off and having a little one instead. If this should happen, I get to re-do all of my flower beds since the plants were placed assuming the deck would stay put. Oh, well. In the end it's all going to look great.

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  1. I just realized that I didn't explain why we never said the word "fence". Whenever we did something large and expensive occured; such as our furnace, health, cars, ect. Thought I would clarify.