Thursday, March 31, 2011

the face of everyday life is always changing

Truly, it is. Just when you think that everything will stay the same for about 6 months, Wham! Something happens and it all changes. Don't worry, nobody died or anything like that. On the contrary, this is a good thing. My sister and her husband got jobs today! They'll both be working at the same place, Kelli (sister) will be the baker/server and her husband (Jamie) will be their I.T. guy and a server on the side. What does this have to do with me? Daycare. I would be possibly watching them from 7am til 10am or early afternoon. (they don't know details). This could be quite the challenge for a perpetual nightowl! I was planning on homeschooling the oldest niece (Isabelle, age 3) but I don't think I could or would want to if I had to watch Morgan (age 2) at the same time. So, I'm not opposed to having an Auntie's Daycare for the summer, but come fall.... Ah, well. Cross that bridge when we come to it. But I would make a bit of money for the summer! :-) Always handy.

Mom and I took my dog, Poppy, to the vet today to have her nails trimmed. (Poppy is a Sheltie/Border Collie mix and has a lot of energy, so we both get a walk everyday.) This was a successful trip as she didn't vomit on the way back! Thank goodness cause I really don't like cleaning it out of a car. The trimming cost $6.70 which is quite reasonable. She has her dew claws and they are a royal pain to trim.

My tulips are up! I have to cover them soon cause we have some very hungry deer in our neck of the woods. Seriously, the deer are everywhere. Of course, it's amusing to locals to see people from the cities dash out of their car trying to get a picture. Spring has sprung!

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